My Classroom

Classroom Tour 2015

I have been so ready to post this, but I just haven't had a chance to upload all my pictures! This year is probably my BEST year with the uniqueness of my first grade classroom. I wanted it to POP when you walked in the door and it did!Here is the door! (First impressions mean the MOST to me and say a lot about a person.)

Isn't it just TOO CUTE? 

I don't have a desk. (One day I will BLOG why.) I use this table mostly to pull my guided math and reading groups. This is the second year in a row that I had an amazing window. At my old school there were no windows or doors that even lead to the sunlight. So thankful for the small things in life! 

Here you can see our carpet Sit-Spots (If you want to learn more about these click HERE, I learned about them at the TPT 2015 Conference and they are AMAZING and worth every penny!) You can also see our lunch choice board, schedule, learning targets with standards boards.

Here is a better view of the Sitspots. Love having my students filing their work where they are in their learning: Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, and Expert. 

What do your students do to show you where they are in their learning?

My students are assigned numbers at the beginning of the school year and as you can see they move their number according to their behavior that day. What do you use to track your students' behavior?

This is probably the hardest section in my room to keep organized! Lol, I do have all the books labeled to help the students figure out what bin each book goes into, but many times I have to check them a rearrange them. So, looking for a better system. Do you have one, please share? 


So, remember I told you I have the BEST boyfriend ever? Yeah so 2 days before open house, I got this hair brained idea that I wanted my book loft painted! Totally regretted it once we started in fear that we would finish. However, Christopher was amazing and he painted the whole thing. He even put grip tape on the ladder rungs to make it have some friction to rub against as the students climbed into the book loft. Do you have a book loft in your classroom?

I am sure you are wondering what that cut out thing is of Batman and Robin. The night of Open House my new firsties took their picture, posing as a super hero. They loved it, even the girls.

Here is my writing station. (Excuse the water bottle.) Love that my students have a place to share their writing and ideas.

Here is our big book station. I can't tell you how much kids LOVE reading books as big as them!

Under those curtains you lill find our math and literacy stations. In the middle of the shelf is where I store guided reading books. I can never have ENOUGH of those!!! 

 This is something new I am starting this year. It goes along with FIP. Each student has little avatar that they put on the board. Every time they reach a goal (AR, Sight Word tests, Reading Fluency, or Math Fluency) their avatar gets to go up. to the next level. In front of the board is a life size Rekenrek, we will use for adding, subtracting, and finding missing numbers in equations.

Love the fact I have a sink with a water fountain. I have to say, we don't have to go out in the hall and get water 24/7! It allows us to have more time in the day for more instruction!

Here are some panoramic views of my classroom this year:

These two things made me the happiest this year when I walked in my room. You have to LOVE the place where you work in order for happiness to thrive on a daily basis.

You can see more about my room at my school's web page.