About Me

Oh, where to start? I am a first grade teacher at Heritage Elementary.

I am working on completing my 9th year teaching. I have taught first through third grade. I have to say after spending 4 years in the third grade, one year in second grade, and 3 years in first grade, first grade is the hardest grade to teach. However, I have to admit I love it when my students begin to take letter sounds to make words, words to create sentences, and sentences to read books!


When I am not teaching or working on something for my classroom work related, I am on TeachersPayTeachers, watching movies, or spending time with my boyfriend, Christopher. 

Picture above created by The Moffatt Girls 

TPT and I

My story: I was first introduced to TPT in a college class at Georgia College & State University when I was working on my EDS in Curriculum and Instruction. A friend of mine said, "You need to be a seller on TPT. People would by your stuff!" I looked at her with that, "Do I LOOK like I have time for that?" We both laughed and agreed that my plate was already way too big. However, a year later on April 17, 2013 my store was BORN! Click HERE to see it!

Can I tell you I creating product files as a hobby? My boyfriend, Christopher, suggested me taking up a hobby since I complained of being bored. What turned out to be a hobby, change me in so many ways as a teacher! I begin creating wonderful resources that engaged my students, helped other teachers, meet/make new friendships, learn new things from people who know what they are doing in the world of education, and I even made money (Cha-Ching!!!). Never in my life did I think I would do any of those things. However, TPT has become a relaxing hobby for me filled with FUN! It has allowed me to go on trips "Las Vegas" and

 "Disney". I was even able me to buy a new car (I had to let go of my old one of like 12 years.) and get rid of the old one that had a 50% chance of breaking down at any moment. TPT in itself has truly been a blessing to me! Not to mention Christopher had a BLAST when we went to the TPT 2015 Conference in Las Vegas, he was at a UFC Fan EXPO!


Movies, movies, movies, I love movies! I have to say my favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas (My Christmas tree is even a tribute to this movie!). During the month of November and December, I play the sound track DAILY!

Needless to say, Christopher and I go to the movies way too much! We especially LOVE anything with Fantasy!
What is your favorite movie?  


Can I tell you he is the best boyfriend ever!! We started dating when we were younger. We have dated off and on over the years as we were getting our selves ready for the future. Finally, are lives crossed paths again four years ago almost 5 years now and now we do life together! I could not ask for more. Let me tell you why he is the BEST, once you read this, you will tell me, "Yep, he is a KEEPER!!" This summer as I moved classrooms from third to first grade, he moved my whole room and helped set it up! Two days before school, I got this bright idea to paint my reading loft. Yeah, he painted it all! When you see a picture of what he painted, you will understand! Click HERE to see his awesome work!